I can advise, suggest and develop efficient SEO website designs using WordPress to suit your business needs.

All website designs start with ideas…..either yours or mine!

However, the most important aspect is knowing the goal to be achieved by having the website…I can help you address this and develop a solution, that’s particularly what I enjoy.

My offer includes:

  • Support for Domain and Hosting account set-up.
  • Up to 8 pages to the site.
  • Logo design assistance.
  • No image restrictions or extra costs for an image gallery if required.
  • Full Search Engine Optimisation set-up.
  • Allowance for two WordPress training session, being up to 4 hours of tutorial/training for site administration personnel.
  • I will design, create, install and administer the website to a functional point. However as a client, please understand; in committing to building a website all the content is your responsibility.
    Content can be provided to me in a text file or Microsoft unformatted document which I will load to the website, where you can then see layout/design.
  • I will provide Free ongoing phone support for ‘small’ help related issues and minor website updates to content.
  • All content remains the property of the client, full copies will be provided to you.

My aim is to reduced costs and maximise your website.
See example of Commercial Web Design Costs which can be expensive.

Please Note:

  • I do not work with or recommend making a site utilising Adobe Flash.
  • Please be cognisant of the need to know your going to have to provide the ‘website content’. This area alone is the biggest issue I have found to successfully completing a website, where it just drags on, looks partially complete and then generally fails to meet customer needs or expectations.
  • Also know that a website should be considered always WIP, so it requires fresh content. If you desire to have “Posts” and a feed such as Facebook – then critically you are going to be required to maintain this content. Without you participating in your own website it will fail to achieve your goals.

If your in need of some advice or assistance then please check out my Web Design work and if you find some points of interest or would like to discuss issues, then please contact me.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

Regards, Dennis Gullan

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