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  1. Dennis,
    My website is more than I expected, and I cannot thank you enough for that every time we speak. I wanted a different approach with the cartoons I had made, and you moulded them into an easy reading, descriptive yet striking outlay. Well done, as not too many trades go beyond what they say and deliver beyond expectations as I do, yet you did.
    You cant go too wrong with Dali, I have installed a few jobs now with the range they offer, and yet to NOT have a client smiling when they are running, including myself.
    To all that read this, if you want a great website done by someone that is more passionate about the works than the money, someone that asks the right questions and not only delivers, but supports, then that someone is Dennis DJG4friends.

    1. Thanks Brad for your supportive comments and so glad to know how much you appreciated all the work. Cheers Dennis

  2. Hello Dennis,
    A huge thank you from the team at Pigeon House Power for all your efforts in creating and designing our new website, which is already working wonders in getting out there to the consumer. Fantastic job with the design and layout and thank you for being so patient with us.

    We would be more then happy to highly recommend you to anyone needing a new website or updating web design.

    Many Thanks,
    Pigeon House Power.

  3. Thank you so much Dennis, your work is amazing!

    Dennis was very helpful in redesigning and updating our website. Nothing was too much trouble and the results are fantastic. We have nothing but praise for his professional attitude and knowledge. We highly recommend his work with no hesitation.

  4. Craig Carfoot

    Hi Dennis, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work that you have done on developing our new website: the Committee and our members are very happy and excited with the end result.

    When we started our journey of considering building a new website for the St. George Sutherland Ulysses Branch, we went through a lot of discussion as to what it was that we wanted to achieve and of course the financial aspects were a big factor when we were considering it. Our desired outcomes were many and not altogether formulated.

    All our criteria considered we feel that we struck gold in engaging with you to do our new website. You guided us through all phases, making excellent suggestions on the best way to achieve the outcomes we were looking for and galvanised our thinking, but most of all you were very patient with a bunch of mostly novices throughout the entire process.

    The outcome is just what we were looking to achieve, and our new website presents our Branch in a very fresh and professional manner which was key to us embarking on building a new site.

    We thank you and look forward to working with you more in the future as we look to maintain and further improve our website.

    Thanks, and regards

    President, Ulysses St. George Sutherland Branch

    1. Thanks Craig, was especially pleasing to know the members are very happy with the new website. It was a pleasure working with you all and just really chuffed to have met your expectations & have the members happy!
      Cheers Dennis

  5. Hi Dennis many thanks from the Penwoodrailroadinc for your patience in helping to set up the website , The club already has had positive feedback to the site, Kind regards Peter Shanks president Penwoodrailroadinc

  6. Earlier this year, Dennis reached out to my family with an offer to generously redesign and reinvigorate a website dedicated to memories of my dad that was beloved but had fallen into neglect. The work he did was quick, seemingly effortless, and flawlessly executed. It’s clear that Dennis comes to his excellent website design work with two main goals in mind: being helpful to his community (in our case, a community of fans based on the other side of the world) and being a super clear communicator in both graphic design and in words. Now.. what to do about my own out-of-date website.. Thank you Dennis!

    1. Hello Jen, I very much appreciate your kind words of thanks. I really feel privileged to have in a small way contributed to the continued memory of your dad, Harry. He certainly touched my life in many ways and continues to do so……cheers Dennis

  7. Hi Dennis ,
    We just wanted to thank you for the brilliant website you have created for us . Your efforts have enabled us to ” pivot ” our business during these strange times as our sales have more than doubled !! We also appreciate your continued support whenever called upon .
    Regards Dave & Elaine Hosking
    The Australian Car Cover Co.

    1. Dave & Trish, it was great to work with you. I am so pleased the website has contributed to good business growth, particularly in these tough times.

      I must also say the car cover you made for my Porsche 911 is the ‘ants pants’! It not only fits perfectly but looks a million dollars in the Porsche colours.
      I look forwards to catching up with you down at Phillip Island one day, so I can also enjoy the races.

      Keep in touch, Dennis

  8. We highly recommend Dennis’ services! He has successfully designed and activated our new website for Aaron’s Quality Lawns and Landscaping. We’ve had numerous business enquires through the page in only a few short months due to the simple and straightforward navigation of its contents. Dennis was easy to communicate with and delivered exactly what we were after. Thank you Dennis!

    1. Thanks Kara & Aaron am so glad we got you back on the web and your already getting enquiries. As mentioned, please don’t hesitate to call for any further queries or help. Keep working on those Google reviews. Best wishes for the pending birth, Dennis

    1. Thanks Chris, it has been very rewarding for me in donating my services to design and build the club website. Especially as many members have expressed directly their thanks to me for the website. The always warm welcome at the new club facilities when I was there to take photos has made the work all the more enjoyable. Thanks for your constant assistance as committee coordinator.

      I look forward to the formal opening of the new facilities and am so pleased the website has been such a good contribution for the club.

  9. Many thanks Dennis on the up-grade you did on my website. After 12 years it needed a lift and I really appreciate the time you have put into it. The site now looks amazing. It is much easier to navigate for my clients and makes our holiday accommodation business look very impressive.
    I would be very happy to recommend you to anyone needing to build or update a web design.

  10. Dennis
    Where to start…..Thank you so much for what you have done with Game On Charters it is exactly what we have had in mind from the go ahead. Your devotion and love for what you do is contagious and it shows in your work ethic and final product.

    For us we wanted more exposure to in turn gain more work for our business. Being somewhat green when it comes to webdesign and google performance we let Dennis take the rains and relay what he was doing in laymen’s terms for us rookies. The ability to see first hand rather that just over the phone was ideal and the results speak for themselves.

    Thank you Dennis once again for everything you have done for us and all the late nights you went through to see us happy and achieve what we wanted.

    Looking forward to putting you onto some monster fish in the summer!
    Game On Charters

    1. Thanks Luke, as I said to you once, it is so rewarding to me when I just get the client appreciation and thanks.

      It’s great we got it pulled together and your co-operation and diligence made it happen. We still have work to go in setting up https protocol and then we will be on top of the challenges, apart from ‘monster fish’! Cheers Dennis

  11. Our chance meeting has proved an absolute bonus. Dennis is very professional & passionate. The time & effort given to our society in building our website was far & beyond my expectations. He “crossed the t’s & dotted the i’s” & in doing so we are very proud of the end product Dennis created. Absolute whizz with his creativity. Thank you.

  12. Yvette Murphy
    30th June 2018
    Some months ago my good neighbour Dennis Gullan said he’d looked on the Millhouse Art Society website for information and suggested to me he could improve on it by designing a new one at no cost for his time. At first I was reluctant to agree to it as I realised how much time would be needed on his part to do this, however after speaking to the committee it was decided to take him up on the offer. As a bonus, the annual cost to maintain it would be considerably less than the present one. When the job was completed the Society was amazed and excited at the improvement as it is so modern and easy to navigate for information. Members are extremely appreciative of the fact that Dennis was so generous with his time to put it together, and what a great result! As he has also linked it to our Facebook page we expect this will be seen by more of the public and potential customers with an increase in sales.
    Many thanks,
    Yvette (Publicity, Millhouse Art Society)

  13. Thank you Dennis for all your work on our new website. In such a short time we had a beautiful new site to display Mark’s work. Your understanding of his craft and products really shows in what you have made for us. It looks beautiful. We have already had 2 compliments on the site from new/prospective outlets. The process went seamlessly (for us).

    Update: Dec 2022 business closed, Mark has retired.

    1. Nice to hear your comments, glad to hear you have new outlets interested. I also think it has come up well to showcase Mark’s pottery work. Cheers Dennis

  14. Dennis we can’t thank you enough for all your hard work that went into making Killer Bug Pest Solutions website the way it is today.
    Coming from a busy little family owned business with very little time you made it so easy to get the best outcome for our website from start to finish. We not only have the best possible web designer looking after our business but have made a great friend.
    Once again thank you for helping us achieve our website potential and look forward to working with you in the future…

    1. Thanks Sarah & Corey, very pleased your happy with the website and processes we went through. Likewise I enjoyed working with you both.
      Cheers Dennis

  15. The Society is most grateful to Dennis for the creation of our new website http://www.mufhsi.org and appreciate it was a donation of his services.

    His use of WordPress has now provided us a content management system to maintain a fresh up to date website. We are delighted with the result and following training by Dennis selected Committee members can have management rights and complete updates, create posts and send out newsletter to our membership.

    The follow up maintenance and support he is providing is excellent.
    From the Committee

  16. Thanks to Dennis , Magnolia house had a website. It was after he and his family actually stayed at the property he asked me ,”why do you not have a website”?
    So it began . It was an advertising tool which was needed to help promote the holiday house. Thank you, Dennis, for setting it all up and trying to educate me!

    1. Thanks Roselle for your comments, much appreciated. It’s been good working with you over the last 4 years, best wishes for the future and yes don’t forget those homework tasks I set you.

  17. I am very pleased to add this very positive comment to Dennis’s reviews.

    Put simply, Dennis has been our saviour. We needed to draw heavily on both his knowledge of website management and his flair, ideas and ability as a website designer. The extraordinary intensive effort he put in on a completely voluntary basis to provide the level of assistance we urgently needed deserves a medal.

    When I first approached Dennis our Gondwana Coast Fossil Walk website was in diabolical trouble. Our former website manager who had, without any authority taken it on herself to become “a reseller of our domain” had failed to warn our voluntary organization that our domain registration was about to expire. So without warning the website, our most important source of advertising, was no longer accessible. Because the summer is our peak season for Guided Fossil Walks, we desperately needed our website up and running.

    The near fatal damage caused by our previous website manager required a quick response. Faced with what many would consider daunting if not, insurmountable, problems, Dennis’s approach was like a breath of fresh air. First he spent time exploring the resources we had and was quickly able to define the scope of our problem. He set about calmly clearly and methodically explaining to me the sequence of steps needed to put our website back up on the net. My first task, under Dennis’ guidance, was to transfer the domain back to our volunteer organization (not a simple task to rid us of our unauthorised “reseller”) and re-register it to make it possible for him to start work on the site.

    As soon as this was achieved, I notified Dennis who immediately began re-building our website. Because of our urgent need, he worked for more than 12 hours straight to load the necessary 8,000 odd files and only quit to sleep at 3.00am. The following morning he persevered, completing the task to ensure we were up and running in time to take Christmas holiday season bookings.

    Now that the website has been operational for a few weeks, it is clear that Dennis’ version of our website is far better laid out, much more user friendly and, therefore more effective, than our previous original design. By setting it up using WordPress and offering training, he has also made it possible for 2 of our members to carry out edits and updates to our website. For us, this is a huge step forward over our original website established 5 years ago, because previously we had the inconvenience of having to put in a request to our former website designer/manager to make every simple change or calendar update for us.

    We were indeed fortunate to find someone with Dennis’s comprehensive skills who is also very easy to work with and is so accommodating. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

    Phil Smart
    President and Founder
    Gondwana Coast Fossil Walk Incorporated http://www.gondwanacoastfossilwalk.com.au

  18. Hi Dennis,

    I would like to thank you for the time and effort you have put into creating and teaching us how to manage our website http://www.pearsonrefrigeration-aircon.com.au/
    We have been very impressed with your professionalism, you have gone above and beyond and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services.
    Many thanks,

    Rob Pearson.
    Rob Pearson Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

    1. Rob, only so pleased to have been able to help and much appreciated with Renee’s help we got you up and operating so quick. Thanks for the install of the new air-conditioner, we are very pleased. No doubt we’ll keep in touch.

      Cheers Dennis

  19. You set up http://www.yourdayyourway.com.au for me in 2009/2010 in HTML and I’ve been more than happy over the past 4 years. However when I was recently elected to the Board of my local RSL Sub-Branch and assumed responsibility for the Sub-Branch’s website and all social media, I discovered how difficult it was to update the Sub-Branch’s website in HTML and also to link the Sub-Branch to Facebook.

    After lengthy discussion with your goodself a few months ago, you suggested WordPress was more user friendly than HTML and you offered to move http://www.yourdayyourway.com.au across to WordPress. I am now blown away with the WordPress version of my website and cannot thank you enough. It’s so intuitive and so user-friendly. I am absolutely delighted with your suggestion, with what you did, and with the hours you spent with me on the phone. All my friends family and clients have commented upon the new WordPress site.

    As soon as you have some spare moments, I want you to change the RSL Sub-Branch’s website to WordPress. I highly recommend your services, Dennis.

    1. Many thanks Geoff for your appreciation and am so glad your liking WordPress.

      Looking forward to assisting you with the RSL’s site transformation.


  20. Thanks so much for all your hard work in creating, and then re-creating our website after our web hosting company deleted our website files! You went way beyond our expectations in the time and effort you put in to our website – for both the original site and the now second edition. All your advice, teaching and assistance throughout this process has been invaluable in giving us the confidence to make changes and additions to the website as our business has evolved, and assisting in re-creating the website when it was lost/deleted. I would fully recommend Dennis’ website services to everyone, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field, and provides excellent ongoing customer service and monitoring of the websites he has created. To the readers of this who have websites – always ensure you have a back-up copy of your site as web hosting companies can not be relied upon for this! Many, many thanks Dennis for your hard work and excellent advice.

    1. Hi Renae,

      Great to think we got you back up with a new site so quick – wow is that not just the power of WordPress displayed perfectly: Here I was travelling in the USA, yet I was able to re-create your new website literally on the run, within a few days/nights….!!!

      Worst part was any ‘back-up’ copies of the original site, were at home as files in my PC & back-up drives, no use while I was in USA – NOW that just proves to me that I must recommend clients to take advantage of CLOUD storage. Yes it may mean a small cost to create the Cloud account, but a few are free – so this will now be the new priority.

      Thanks again for your comments, much appreciated – that’s what friends are for! Dennis

  21. Dennis has just completed our new smart phone friendly website for our tour business in Margaret River, WA. We found him really informative and thorough. We are totally reliable on this website for customer queries and bookings and his consistency and attention to detail has made this smooth sailing – thanks Dennis for all your hard work!

  22. Many thanks Dennis for designing the website for my massage business. You not only designed it but have enabled me to be in control of it, to refine it when I want & need to. I was very impressed with your professionalism and your ability to put computerspeak into simple language that even I could understand. Your patience with my lack of computer skills is much appreciated. I’ve had consistent online inquiries since the 1st day the site was up & am regularly changing/adding to it. Again, thanks Dennis

    1. Neil, thanks for the feedback I am pleased your feeling so settled with WordPress and the site has proved such an immediate help to your business. Cheers Dennis

  23. Many thanks for Dennis for his great assistance and community spirit with assisting our club to get a website up and running. This has greatly increased visibility and enhanced communication of the club, helping both the club and the local community.
    In my dealings with Dennis he has exhibited great knowledge, skill and common sense business approach, in developing the website and I would recommend to anyone needing to develop a website presence !

  24. Two years after you set up my Sydney Celebrant site http://www.yourdayyourway.com.au/, I am still blown away by your creativity, your attention to detail, your flair and your ongoing advice. I returned from UK this morning after attending a wedding in Devon and, in this global village in which we now reside, there were several people there who had visited my site and were interested in my services. I am so grateful I chose you as my web designer, Dennis!

  25. Hi Dennis,
    Thank you so much for the great job you did building my website. Our business has increased since we went live & it is very easy for clients to navigate. Thank you also for the many times you have taken the time to teach me how to use WordPress and now I can finally manage it myself.
    I would highly recommend your web design to anyone needing to boost their business.

  26. Thank you Dennis for the great work on My business website and for the continued updates and additions.

    This has made life so much easier for not only myself, but for my customers both here and in other parts of the world! I cant imagine ever running the business without it!

    Kind regards
    Adam Davies.

  27. Hi Dennis
    Just like to say what a great job you did with my website. Very user friendly and informative for my customers. We have seen a marked increase in online enquiries since it went live. The best part is that you showed me how to use wordpress and now I can manage and update the site when needed.


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