Cancer Outpatients Appeal Milton Ulladulla

Cancer Outpatients Appeal of Milton Ulladulla

As of Dec 2021 the Foundation has a webmaster John who has taken over the website management.  Hence the live website no longer reflects my design or management.

I was approached by Greg, a member of their administrative board, could I help with a total re-design of their existing website. Initially we determined the web hosting was an area to fix along with substantially updating the website details.

To aid Greg, I built a “test mode’ area on my own domain for Greg to have access too and allow me to provide design ideas. The test provided a platform to work on with numerous iterations before finalising concepts.

I had some details on GiveNow regarding the donation management previously handled via PayPal. After following this GiveNow option Greg finalised an account with them. Finally after working with the admin board to develop new content Greg confirmed to me the final design. That same week I had their new website finalised, and we went live 12th February 2021.

I feel most rewarded with another local community project completed.

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