PDM Automation for your home or business

Home Automation, Home Theatre and Hi Fi Specialist

What started last year with my desire to update my Home Theatre and Hi Fi lead to an opportunity to assist Brad at PDM Automation.

Having a 20yr old Yamaha receiver and Paradigm Speakers I was keen to upgrade to new hdmi connectable receiver and pair it with new floor standing speakers. After much research I settled on Dali Speakers and that’s where I found Brad at PDM Automation. This lead to me creating his first website to support his Home Automation business.

Over a period of a few months design details were established, I built a ‘test environment’ website for Brad and we worked collectively to establish the right cohesive format to best suit the home automation services he supports. He has been very happy with the results and I’m loving my new Arcam receiver and Dali Opticon speakers.


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