In 1996 as “corporate and city hustle/bustle drop outs” my wife and I moved from Sydney, to become owners of a tourism business in Tasmania. It was this ‘life change’ that began my interest in the internet and theDennis Gullan desire to develop an internet website for this business venture, then eventually to create a successful “Online Store” with full E-Commerce features.

That business venture kept us flat out for 9 years before we sold it and began operating tourism accommodation in Hobart, Tasmania. During those years I used my college programming studies, industrial work skills together with MS Front Page in its many changing guises to learn basic html, css, seo optimisation design and create a successful ECommerce website.

During this time (the late 90’s) many of our tourism associated friends began to develop websites for their businesses and used my support. At this time, it became very clear to me that my fellow small business operators were feeling ”out of their depth” and thus too easily convinced to invest major $ entering their business into the realm of the www. Thus I began to alert as many as possible within my small business network, of the need to be vigilant and always seek independent advice and/or help.

Today, I have very much embraced WordPress as the website design tool, particularly using its easy Content Management System (CMS) that provides the business owner the ability to update the site without any associated ongoing costs.

As of February 2012 we have retired and moved to the South Coast of NSW to catch up with our life long friends, many of whom live in this area. Although retired, relaxing and travelling, I am however really aware of the positive health impact in ‘keeping the grey matter working’.

I find that web design is just the challenge to meet that need, whilst providing me great personal satisfaction in assisting small businesses. I have assisted local volunteer organisations and this aspect is most rewarding…..see Penwood Railroad Inc, Gondwana Fossil Walk, Milton Ulladulla Model Railway Club, Millhouse Art Society and Milton Ulladulla Family History Society.

Today, I find that competition has brought about a more reasonable, responsible and sensible costing to web design, website hosting and related services. However, be aware, unfortunately we all know too well one can be ‘over sold’ and perhaps pay more than necessary for the same benefit!  Hence, I decided why not put my skills and past experience to good use and provide help to my fellow small business operators with their web solutions.

See my websites for a complete overview of current websites I have designed and maintain.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for free advice and any further information.

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