Tesla Model 3 - Midnight Silver Metallic

We joined the EV revolution back in Sept 2021.

Tesla Model 3 Midnight Silver Metallic

Tesla has unique Sales & Marketing costs…. basically NONE! They have cleverly focused all their money on improving vehicles, manufacturing and reducing costs. See this detailed article how Tesla have given the world new Model T and called it a Model 3.

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Tesla Model 3, a purchase for her October 2021 birthday having sold our VW T6 4wd Campervan……..Wow is Julie a happy EV owner, as she says “best car I have ever owned and driven”!

I did much research back in July ’21 and the Tesla Model 3 just stood out from the crowd when it came to overall spec’s, RWD, quality, service and support. We have never regretted the decision!

What amazed me the most during my research was the imminent massive shift in Australian Vehicle Sales and Service as we have known it for our lifetime!

Unique Tesla advances
  • Vehicle bought Online
  • Delivered to our door (we are South Coast > 250klm from Syd)
  • NO yearly Service Costs
  • Software driven vehicle and constantly being updated/improved!
  • We have received extra features not in the original purchase vehicle, simply updated via software.
  • All Service OR Vehicle queries handled via your Mobile App …..bloody amazing and excellent service!

2nd Model 3 arrives!

So impressed with our first Tesla Model 3 in May this year we duplicated it!

Sold our BMW 520d and immediately ordered our next Model 3………..three weeks later we picked it up at Miranda in Sydney.

By buying any electric car, you are helping to decarbonise Australia’s transport sector, which is one-fifth of our total economy-wide emissions.

You can roughly double the positive impact … by recharging it from solar instead of through the grid. And you can make even more of an impact by buying one that has been designed and built to be relatively sustainable.”

Julie and Dennis could rave on & on (well Dennis anyway!) about how much they enjoy their Tesla Model 3 sedan.

It is like entering another simplified world when driving the car. Often you hear, well there’s no speedo in front of the driver, one has to glance to the left to see it on the large central display. Nothing to worry about at all! A simple peripheral glance and its there OR let the vehicle drive itself on Cruise Control, recognising speed limits, auto braking as traffic slows, auto hold, auto restart as traffic ahead moves…….a joy to drive!

In fact most commands for vehicle control can simply be spoken, such as:

  • Set temperature to 22 – Aircon is auto changed.
  • Wipers On – they will start.
  • Set volume 4 – media volume adjusted
  • Play Roy Orbison on Spotify…..voila!!

Simplify your world Now & Act on Climate Change:
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Stanford University’s Tony Seba on the accelerating shift to electric, and how EVs will change the face of the car industry forever. YES it is a Podcast and goes for a while BUT wow so informative, the impact of Chinese EV manufacture! Toyota & VW left for dead within 5 years!!

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