Isis District Historical Society

Childers Historical Society QLD

My wife and I had a great outback QLD camping trip this year (June,July,Aug) and during that tour we found the Childers Historical Complex which is operated by the Isis District Historical Society Inc. At the same time we saw the OLD Pharmacy in main street Childers, both venues being totally supported by volunteers…..doing a great job!

During our visit I met Bev Santacaterina (Secretary of the Society) and as one does, we got chatting about the fact I couldn’t find their historic park on Google Maps! When I mentioned I designed websites and could help fix it, Bev was immediately thankful. As we left the next day, I have continued to work with Bev & their Committee and noted they were suffering from an old poorly functioning website, paying too much for support and hosting and finding changes or updates to the website were difficult. This is the particular situation I thrive on, so I offered my services FOC.

I set about providing a ‘test website’ environment to show how they could not only modernise their website but also save $$$. (Based on their last bills in March 2017 – total $165.86….it was reduced to just $36.00 at NetVirtue.) After presenting a case to their Committee Bev secured the approval and we have ‘hit the road running’….unfortunately with one exception, their previous website designer doing the wrong thing by the Society, delaying Domain Transfer. A sad reflection on many instances I find where designers have registered not only Domains but also totally control the web hosting and fees.

I only create websites and advise, all new accounts are in the name of the owner…! I remain just Technical Support. This WordPress website was built using AccessPress Parallax Pro.

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