What is WordPress:

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) – click to read more at Wikipedia.

Advantages of WordPress:

  • It’s FREE and fully supported by major Web Hosting Suppliers such as; Crazy Domains, and Netvirtue (whom I often use).
  • The admin/software/design tools all are hosted on the Internet Provider. Thus your local PC, Laptop, etc needs no extra software.
  • CMS site (Content Management) means users can have controlled access to edit or create articles.
  • Access to your site for administration by users is accessible world wide – If your travelling, need to load up a ‘post’ then simply pull up the website – log in – then begin editing, yes total freedom at any time to create/edit the site.
  • Your not locked into a site design company who if you wish to change from, may charge fees or claim a copyright over parts of the site.
  • See here – 10 top reasons why WordPress has grown from a simple ‘blog tool’ to fast becoming one of the net’s most utilised software for website design, right at even the corporate level.
  • Thousands of users all over the world contribute to WordPress as it is Open Source Software, thus many utilities (Plug Ins)  to enhance the basic WordPress installation are available FREE.

NOTE: Twitter and Facebook are ideal platforms to ensure your small business or organisation is found, alive and well – there is literally NO Excuse for not becoming involved in your local community, letting it know WHO, WHAT and WHERE you are and HOW to find you.

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