Millhouse Art Society

Millhouse Art Society

As of August 2021 I no longer am webmaster, the Society has a new member Debra, who has taken over. Re-design and changes no longer reflect my work or management.

The Milton Ulladulla ‘Millhouse Art Society’ is a local run not for profit organisation. The current publicity officer, Jenny lives nearby and during discussions about their website, it was apparent it needed some updating……hence my offer to help.

As with most volunteer organisations the original website was built with best intentions and built & hosted with ‘Freesites’ but at a cost. It was not however easy to update nor was it keeping pace with current technology.

My goal was to create a modern WordPress website that will allow their membership to personally update details, list events via posts and generally ensure membership can grow.

The new website was built using a ‘free’ WordPress theme from Access Press called – Parallax¬†and hosting was secured at NetVirtue a local Australian Company. These changes not only provided the Society with a totally modern website yet saved them significant $$ in monthly costs (from $13.00 to just $2.00 as NetVirtue recognised them as a non profit organisation, thus reducing costs by 50%).

It’s these sort of outcomes that give me great pleasure in channeling my skills for local small business, societies and clubs. I always appreciate the thanks from the clients and for this website I enjoyed attending a lovely weekend watercolour workshop with Chan Dissanayake.

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