Game Fishing at Batemans Bay, NSW

Game On Charters, Batemans Bay NSW

NB: as of April 2020- website closed.

I was contacted by Luke who was referred to me by one of his friends.

Game On Charters was a newly purchased business and Luke need some assistance with how to update a Google Business website, which was affecting their search results. Also they wished to re-design the existing business website. After some examination I was able to provide suggestions & recommendations so a course of action was agreed & set.

Within a few days they had their new website active, WordPress settings correctly allocated, Website Security setup and Google Business site details corrected. I have worked closely with Luke, had numerous meetings and follow up training will be organised. Continued development will occur with addition of a image gallery as the business grows.

The owners of Game On Charters at Batemans Bay have been very appreciative of the results achieved and we have a good working relationship. As I have said before it’s working with small business¬† owners and providing the advice, suggestions and help that gives me personal satisfaction.

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