Ulladulla Solar Power specialists

Ulladulla Solar Power Specialists

Having just purchased a Tesla Model 3, I was keen to explore the home charging options utilising solar power. Ben and Wade (owners of Pigeon House Power) were installing a new solar power system on our neighbours roof and I asked for advice. They were keen to advise me and looked at my current solar installation and power board options.

From discussions we had, the desire for a website arose and here we are now, some weeks later and their Ulladulla based Solar Power business website is published!

We started off with a business brief and as Covid 19 was making meetings more difficult, I built an isolated ‘test website’ environment to help them with ideas. Over a period of weeks, this test website enabled them to focus on image and textual content needs. As small business operators it’s essential to focus on day to day operations, hence the test also allowed for ‘play-time’ with colours, logos and overall website layout options. It allows me to provide the mainstream website content focused on SEO and removing that burden from them. Once the site began taking shape and ideas were defined, I moved to their live Domain and began full website development.

An important aspect of working on the ‘live domain’ is to ensure possible guests to their new domain wwww.phpower.com.au actually find business details….not our work-in-progress. WordPress as a building platform is excellent at providing just that scenario. I utilise a special plugin called Coming Soon which allows the client to view the new website as it takes shape, yet the public can’t see it.

As with all my website design work, it had challenges, was enjoyable and always encourages me by further supporting the local community I live in.  Cheers Dennis

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