LMK917 – Porsche recreations

Andrew approached me a week ago, to create his website following a recommendation from Dave at AustralianCarCovers.

Being a Porsche owner and lover myself …….well who could refuse!

Wow did I have fun! It has been a whirlwind week of to and from to melbourne with texts, calls and emails but as of Sunday – launched to the world.

The LMK 917’s are superb and are stunning examples of one of the world’s best race cars. Andrew had sometime ago had a prior website that was long gone. Now his goal was to portrait the craftsmanship of his vehicle builds and protect his worldwide brand. Having been manufacturing since 2001, Andrew has sold cars worldwide, held in private collections, an Austrian Museum and others being street cars and some raced.

The mission was to highlight the gracious curves, designs and examples of cars he has completed. Provide a background story for the business and gain control over the www. Unfortunately in the past some claims of where vehicles were made, left a lot to be desired. Now the world has a clear understanding (Made in Australia!) and this should help current vehicle owners.

Some future work is to include a ‘timeline’ of each chassis production date and where it was sold. Along with more stunning images!


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