Harry Chapin Friends Stories & memories

Harry’s Friends – Stories & Memories

Harry Chapin

Those that know me, recognise I have been a Harry Chapin fan since the early 1970’s.
 Julie and I were lucky enough to attend his Sydney concert back in Sept 1979 when Harry was on a family holiday in Australia. For those who missed it….catch a glimpse of what this one man left to the world…read this memory.

He is forever present in my memories and they always return, when listening to his music.
Naturally as I became involved with the internet in the late 1990’s I searched for information about Harry and found www.harrysfriends.com.

Originally created in 1997 by a true fan Bob Marr, the website gradually gathered momentum and collected personal stories and memories of how and what influences Harry had on them. About 10 years ago, I noticed the website was probably left ‘silent’ around 2007, however the Chapin family had now registered the website in their name. Obviously understanding they also treasured the fans written stories and memories of Harry.

About 4 weeks back I pulled up my bookmark; www.harrysfriends.com and found it was still there……. but sadly lacking any updates since 2007!
I decided to act, whipped off an email to his daughter Jen Chapin (Singer/Songwriter) with an offer to re-design the website into a WordPress based website…as my personal contribution to his memory. Jen reviewed ‘my portfolio‘ and was back to me the next day and gladly forward me to their Chapin Music office and manager Pegge Strella.

Rest is now history, Pegge was great, we worked on a ‘test website” and as of 9th June went live with the brand new layout: www.harrysfriends.com….please treat yourself; read some of the touching memories of a truly great man who tragically lost his life too early in 1981.

Harry Chapin – posthumously awarded the US Congressional medal of Honour for his work to Feed the World – The Harry Chapin Food Bank.


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