Aarons Quality Lawns and Landscaping

Aaron’s Quality Lawns and Landscaping

Aaron is an Ulladulla local and does regular maintenance on a holiday home located next to ours. We got chatting one day and Aaron kindly agreed to also maintain my footpath frontage. Thus began the project of creating his business a website.

Although Aaron had the basics of a very old ‘html’ website at his domain www.aaron-basile.com.au, it involved Wix. It was difficult to update, costly and outdated. The project to move both his Domain and Web Hosting began and early 2020 his NetVirtue account was commenced. Aaron and his partner were excellent in providing text content, images and proofreading. This aided me enormously so his website was completed within a short time.

The goal was to have a modern, mobile friendly and clean website showcasing images of projects achieving good SEO. Feedback has been very positive and now Aaron is able to concentrate on business reviews and new project images as the only regular website updating required. As usual I follow with complete website support and ongoing WordPress updating.

Certainly a pleasure working with them both. @ June 2023 the business has closed, website no longer available.

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