Nowra Rifle Club website design

Nowra Rifle Club

As of Dec 2022 the Rifle Club has a webmaster who has taken over the website management.  Hence the live website no longer reflects my design or management.

It was a pleasure working for 10 years to maintain their website and to now hand over to a neww meber taking on the webmaster role is great progress. The whole journey started back in 2013 when being a member at the time I offered to provide a new WordPress website. The Rifle Club website was finished in July 2014 and has totally modernised the clubs previously built old website that was showing many signs of being too tired.

The site now provides a modern fresh view and a means for the club to communicate to all members via subscription to newsletters & updates.

Various club officers trained in the use of WordPress now have the ability to provide the membership with timely communication. The club also enjoyed cost savings in changing website and hosting companies.

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