Web Hosting costs


Hosting is the depository of your websites files on a ‘shared server’ so they become available to the Internet (www).

  • Currently costs can be minimal with ‘Starter+’ shared server hosting
  • Thus for a years hosting contract it can cost from just $100.00
  • Combined with your Domain name costs and it is under $120.00/year for your own website

An Australian based  provider such as
VentraIP (was NetVirtue – click to view CPanel packages) is offering just such costs for a Starter – Entry level account. (Ideal for all small businesses, clubs, etc)

For most small business and organisation style websites, hosting on a shared server is the most economical and convenient method. All major ISP Hosting providers have platforms that make provisions for CMS software such as WordPress, so it just becomes a ‘one click’ installation to get started.

I have used NetVirtue, now VentrIP for a number of recent websites and all these customers are very satisfied and operating on a monthly payment option for hosting. This option means cost are very reasonably spread over the year for the small business…most customers choosing the Starter+ monthly hosting plan to suit their website needs.

Customer support from NetVirtue, now VentrIP is also 24 hours and operates very effectively. I have experienced first hand where they often will go outside the ‘norm’ to assist, thus I highly recommended NetVirtue/VentraIP as a website hosting service.


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