Selecting your Domain Name – 

Make choosing a Domain name for your business one of the first decisions.

 “In the modern world of the Internet, where people automatically turn to the Web for information, it pays to have a domain name that reflects your site or business.” courtesy of The Site Wizard – Tips on choosing a good Domain name.

  • Currently don’t pay more than $24.00 for 2 year registration of a .AU domain
  • Currently don’t pay more than $16.00 for 1 year for a .COM domain

Just check here at – Crazy Domains they would have to be one of the cheapest to register your new domain name.

It’s not rocket science here, just pick what you’d like and see if it can be registered. Note, it is not always essential to obtain the However, if you go this way, then I’d always recommend buying the .com to protect your brand if you can. This enables you to have the .com domain ‘parked’ (for no extra cost) and automatically transfer a guest to the website.


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