Millhouse Art Society, Milton NSW

Some months ago my good neighbour Dennis Gullan said he’d looked on the Millhouse Art Society website for information and suggested to me he could improve on it by designing a new one at no cost for his time. At first I was reluctant to agree to it as I realised how much time would be needed on his part to do this, however after speaking to the committee it was decided to take him up on the offer.

As a bonus, the annual cost to maintain it would be considerably less than the present one. When the job was completed the Society was amazed and excited at the improvement as it is so modern and easy to navigate for information. Members are extremely appreciative of the fact that Dennis was so generous with his time to put it together, and what a great result! As he has also linked it to our Facebook page we expect this will be seen by more of the public and potential customers with an increase in sales.

Many thanks,
Yvette (Publicity, Millhouse Art Society)