Mezethes Greek Taverna

Hobart Greek Restaurant – Mezethes in Salamanca

Being a Hobart resident for over 8 years, Yes this was one of my favourites restaurants … and still is!

This site started from my approach to Stas (the Owner) about their lack of Internet presence back in 2011. Stas had unfortunately been ‘stung’ by one of those ever present rouges, so was less than inclined to invest thousands more to get a website – well he nearly fell over when I showed him the actual costs to develop & host a site.

After a meeting at my home, an example site shown to him, costings provided, we locked it in & the barter was set (my birthday luncheon for 12 guests at Mezethes). Stas was so pleased with the outcome, our luncheon extended for 3 hours with complimentary wines!!

Although the site is built on WordPress platform I still do maintenance and keep abreast of security for the site on my basic minimum charge rates.