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Hi, my goal is to assist small business owners by providing a website design service combined with offering advice & assistance for friends and acquaintances.

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Having a PRESENCE ON THE WWW does not have to “break the bank”, I will explain how you can have both your own Domain and Website Hosting from as little as $70.00 per year!

In our busy lives today your website does not need to translate to a complex, costly or time consuming impact on the small business owner. A website is however, the ultimate means of getting your club, product, service, organisation into the public arena.

Please check the details below, as it really worries me that today many people I talk too are just getting caught into contracts/deals that are far in excess of what the true cost can be.


Review my client comments for their appreciation. For example, in Australia we have a range of providers, such as Netvirtue where you can purchase both Domain and Web Hosting for very reasonable prices. By following the link provided you can check out their most competitive Hosting pricing – E.G. – if you choose to have the 1 years hosting (nvLITE Plan) then for as little as $50.00 per year, you can have that vital web presence!

With today’s ‘smart phones’ it has fast becoming a ‘no brainer’ to not have a SEO optimised net presence and website that has mobile compatibility.

Twitter and Facebook are ideal platforms to ensure your small business is found, alive and well- there is literally NO excuse for not becoming involved in your local community, letting it know WHO, WHAT & WHERE you are & HOW to find you.

If your in need of some advice or assistance then please check out my Web Design work and if you find some points of interest or would like to discuss issues, then either post a comment or Contact Me.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

Regards, Dennis Gullan

Disclaimer – The advice on my website is what I have garnered by experience, by use and investigation. I am not a ‘reseller’ and have absolutely no affiliation to any companies.